My Famous Parents


The Nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree! My parents each earned fame and fortune with media careers that span decades.

Marilyn Eastman is best known for her role as Helen Cooper in the Classic Cult Horror Film, “Night of the Living Dead” She also had a big part in “Houseguest” starring Sinbad. Mom moved to Pittsburgh when I was just 6 years old. She started working at KQV radio as a copywriter and then joined Hardman Associates, owned by the late Karl Hardman. Â Later they joined forces as producers, actors and writers in Night of the Living Dead and eventually formed Hardman-Eastman Studios. I remember being on the set of Night of the Living Dead as a 10yr old boy. I carried buckets of baked beans to the zombie-actors for lunch! Mom and Karl gave me my first voice over job….I was probably 12 years old. I was the voice of a Young Leaf….the tree kind….part of an exhibit in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry! Mom and Karl were principal talents on radio shows in Pittsburgh during the 60’s…all part of my formative years. Karl was moms partner in business and life for over 40 years. Â He was also a huge influence and mentor in my life. Mom’s sultry voice, impeccable delivery skills, her talent as writer and actress and her attention to detail were all the education I needed. Mom now lives in Tampa with her two doggies, Lucy and Cookie. Here’s a link to moms famous NOLD death scene….


My Father, the late John F. Eastman, was a career broadcaster, hosting the John Eastman Show on both TV and radio in Tampa during the 70’s and 80’s. He also worked with Larry King on WIOD in Miami. As a radio talk show host, my dad was as eloquent and intelligent as any man alive. With his velvety voice and his remarkable skill as an interviewer, he became a favorite Tampa celebrity. As a writer, he wrote an episode for the TV Series, The Fugitive, and wrote numerous screenplays. Most notably was “Rooster” a coming of age movie centered around illegal cockfighting in the midwest. Â Rooster starred Vincent Van Patten and Ruta Lee. My dad had a small part as The Sheriff. Check back for a video update! It was a pretty bad movie, but it did play in real movie theaters!…most people only dream of such things. As a teenager, I spent many weeks visiting my dad in Florida…. I went with him to the radio station and watched him do his over-night talk show. Later I became his producer, finding guests and topics for his radio show. My dad was a friend of Bud Paxson, founder of HSN…. Here’s a link to a “Rooster” movie trailer I found on youtube.


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